Text Analysis for French Language

The Text Analysis for French language provides several APIs for French text analysis.

Among the APIs are:

  • Lemmatizer: A lemmatizer for French language. The API Converts “Les chiens sont beaux” into “chien être beau”. The nouns, adjectives, verbal forms of a given text are first disambiguated and then lemmatized.
  • Part-of-speech tagger: the API performs grammatical tagging or word-category disambiguation on a given French text. The POST call has no text limit. The API performs part-of-speech tagging fastly, including gender and number. As far as we know, the French Part-of-Speech Tagger has unique features, in the sense that it makes use of detailed (136) grammatical categories. The success rate of the tagger is currently (January 2020) about 99%. It is steadily improving.
  • Grammar checker
  • Pluralizer: pluralize French text: ‘Le chat blanc dormait’ is pluralized into: ‘Les chats blancs dormaient’.
  • Singularizer: singularize French text: ‘Les maisons sur les collines vertes étaient belles’ is singularized into: ‘La maison sur la colline verte était belle’.

These APIs can be adapted on request.

The Text Analysis API is published on rapidapi and can be tested here.