Open test: december 2, 2017

Weekly open test: scoring 1 – (1/114) = 99.12%.
Of interest: ‘Four swords’ remains properly untranslated, and ‘four’ (fornu/forru in Corsican, oven in English) is left as is.

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Rough typology of remaining errors (updated)

French to Corsican: performing on French wikipedia sample test currently amounts to 93% on average. Below is a rough typology of remaining errors (presumably an average scoring of 95% on the open test should be attainable on the basis of correction of ‘easy’ tagged errors):


  • unknown vocabulary: 50% (easy)
  • basic disambiguation: 15%  (easy or medium difficulty)
  • false positives: 8% (medium difficulty or hard). This type of error  is mostly related to proper nouns, i.e. English termes that should remain un translated. For example: ‘North American Aviation’ translates erroneously into ‘North American Aviazione’. In this case, ‘Aviation’ should remain untranslated.
  • inadequate locution: 10% (medium difficulty or hard)
  • erroneous accord (relates to (i) words that are masculine in French and feminine in Corsican language; and (ii) ) words that are feminine in French and masculine in Corsican language: 2% (medium difficulty )
  • semantic disambiguation: 5% (hard). For example, disambiguating French ‘échecs’ = fiaschi/scacchi (failures/chess)
  • specific grammatical case: 2% (hard)
  • anaphora resolution: 2% (hard)
  • unknown, unclassified: 6% (hard)
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Weekly open test


Weekly open test: 1 – 11/110 = 90%.

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Unexpected pitfalls in the disambiguation of some expressions

Some unexpected pitfalls are lurking in the process of disambiguation of some expressions or locutions. In the above example, the French locution ‘en train de’ can be translated :

  • either into in trenu da (by train from)
  • or into in traccia di (in the process of)
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Open test: November 18, 2017

Scoring 1 – (8/119) = 93.27% on weekly open test.

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